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"Hi, I'm Ken Koskinen. Welcome to the world of Ants Publications. I hope you enjoy your visit!"

To celebrate the launching of my website I've posted my ebook "What I Told My Son About the Bible: Things the Clergy Doesn't Want You to Know." It's about 185 pages of entertaining and informative discussions between a scholarly  Father "Dad" and his intellectually gifted son, an early teen named "Charlie." When Charlie asks Dad about the Bible the fun begins.

Dad informs him of the opposite point-of-view of the modern clergy. You will encounter scriptural contradictions, failed prophecies, historic and archaeological evidence that doesn't support the Bible. You will also learn how the clergy tries to make their religions more believable by taking verses out-of-context, ignoring modern science & reforming the data to conform to their ideas about the Bible.

In the process readers will also learn about how the Bible came into being. The ebook is written from Dad's perceptive and he is a tenured professor, teaching Biblical studies from a rational and scientific perspective at "Forevermore College!" Downloaders be forewarned ... this  is a mind blower!

starI have just posted an important addition and edit to my essay: "The Templegate Crisis & the Failed Second Coming." The addition is on the Transformation and it is on pages 12 - 14. I recommend you download it, even if you have read the earlier version.

I have just done a second edit of my latest essay
: "The Book of Daniel & its Failed Prophecies." This time I fixed typos and made some corrections. The essay has not changed much since the last post. Hit the Download button at the top of any page. Faith readers beware!

"The Templegate Crisis & the Failed Second Coming" has been edited. A new section was added, starting on page 10. If you downloaded it before, get the updated copy. It is the second in my series on biblical prophecy. Faith readers beware! Click on any  Downloads button.
I have also edited "The Clock." Click on Reading Menus and look on the Poetry Menu. Check it out and see if you like it!

My first essay on biblical prophecy is "Pseudo Prophecies in the New Testament." It proves that NT writers cherry picked  lines out from the OT and falsely claimed they were prophetic fulfillments. Faith readers beware! Click on the Downloads button.

My most challenging essay is  available as a Download. It is "What Resurrection?" and it is a critical look at the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Faith
readers beware! Click on any Downloads button at the top of any page.

There is a new poem, "On Nothing." It can viewed in the reading room. Click on Reading Menus and chose it from the Poetry Menu.

There's another poem "Who  Am I?" & it is also posted in the reading room. Click on Reading Menus at the top of any page.

There is also a new downloadable PDF file. It is "Comments on a Debate: Does God Exist?" In 2009 Dr. William Lane Craig debated noted atheist and writer Christopher Hitchens. The sparks were flying during the debate and I followed up with my commentary. Readers beware this one is a mind blower! Click on any Downloads button.

 You can now read the lyrics to my song "The Unemployment Line" in the Reading Room. Click on Reading Menus and chose it from the Poetry Menu.

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Ants Publications Home Page

Ants stands for (A)nswers (N)onsense (T)ruthfully and the "s" pluralize(s) and stands for repeatedly. Ken Koskinen is the founder of Ants Publications and this site is currently a vehicle to post his writings; but eventually others may also be able to contribute. Ken writes academic essays, books, poetry and some short comedy pieces. His writing is not well suited for certain individuals. He does not for example accept the teachings of any major world religion. There are many myths and teachings that are nonsense and he writes factual rebuttals. He exercises the freedom of the press but it isn't his intention to offend others. Please do not read his material if you aren't open-minded.

Ken primarily writes from a scientific mode of mind. This means his information processing leads with reason and observation but intuition and emotion assist. When he writes serious essays and books he uses the persona, "Ken Koskinen." When he writes poetry he's "The Naked Psalmist." When he writes comedy he takes on one of several personae such as "Ken the Wildman" or "SureFoot Helms."

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All downloads are free of charge. The plan is to make all such writings available to anyone who wants them. Even if some people are short of cash they can still learn from and/or enjoy them. Hopefully those who can will make donations. Keep in mind Ants Publications isn't a registered charity and therefore cannot send receipts for tax deduction purposes.
About the Author

I was born in Helsinki, Finland but immigrated with my family to Toronto, Canada when I was about 2 -1/3 years old. My Finnish given name is "Jarmo Olavi Koskinen" but I use the English nickname "Ken" Koskinen. I'm a naturalized Canadian and have lived most of my life in Ontario, Canada. I studied at Centennial & Niagara Colleges in Ontario but earned my BSc. at Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. I majored in psychology but also studied history and biblical subjects. 

I love to write. As a writer my goals are to: inform/educate, stimulate/challenge and inspire/entertain readers. I write serious pieces as well as some comedy. Over the last several years I have taken a great interest in science with an emphasis on physics & cosmology. I am currently writing my first science book, "The Big Vibe: Steps Towards a Theory of Everything." In this work I hope to add to the quilt of theoretical science. I do not currently plan to make it available on this site since I hope to publish with a scientific book publisher. However you can learn more about current unsolved scientific mysteries by reading my posted essays.

I enjoy working out with the 1/2" thick steel cable skipping rope I invented, "The Skip Walker/Jogger." I use it to skip walk; that is, I skip rope while walking for several miles. You will be able to view a video of me skip walking after I shoot it and add videos to this site. I've also written the lyrics to a country/lite rock song "The Unemployment Line" which you can now read via Reading Menus. I'm not a musician or a good singer but also plan on creating a video of me singing the song, without accompaniment. I hope somebody with some real talent, like Billy Ray Cyrus, contacts me and puts music to it and turns it into the next big hit! I've also invented a very good carpet cleaning detergent, a general cleaner that is also very good on cleaning and polishing windows and mirrors and a skin cream that helps to clear up blemishes and outbreaks. The cream is also a good topical dressing on burns. Most recently I also invented a deep cleaning hand, face & body soap and a tooth cleansing, brightening and whitening foam. All of the above products are in the research and development stage.

I also love nature, comedy, good food and beer. The Myers Brigg Personality Index (based on Jungian psychology) pegs me as an intuitive thinking type. The shoe seems to fit since I love intellectual activities and learning. I also enjoy the mystical awareness and feeling of being alive while exploring & experiencing life within "All That Is!" It is the everything in which we have our being! I hope you enjoy your visit.

  Ken Koskinen
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