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The Naked Psalmist has been at it again. I thought he was resting peacefully and then the muses started to speak. Okay ... now we got us another ATI Psalm. I hope you enjoy reading it and that it inspires you in some wonderful way!

Surface of Mars

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ATI, Are You Alive?
Copyright Jarmo Koskinen, 2010

I live and have my being within you, ATI. Of this I’m sure.
No matter where I look I can only see a sliver of you. But, where does the rest of you reside?
Then I realized I’m merely amongst the fleet that drifts upon the great sea. I sail to receding horizons but will never find, all of thee.

I know … I’ll get a tow from the light and move faster to the right. I’ll catch your front or your back. Now, I hear laughter … as if light speed is slow. "Why not hitch to a snail and bask in the flow?
How can you find ... everywhere? It’s like a dog chasing his tail. You get a glimpse but not a nip.
You can see of my glory, but never the whole story."

Still, I wonder … where is your mind? If I am alive within you, isn’t your life greater than mine?
I talk to fellows; they answer back. I speak to you … your silence is cold. But when I listen with my heart, then you're known. I understand but am still bemused. Some things don't appear, in the glow of light.
If life is a miracle … your magic is bright.

How I got here is also confused … but it must have been on the wake of many long-gone swirls.
We’ve dug deep underground, sent balloons into the clouds, rockets to the moon and satellites to Mars.
The dead fossils still speak but the spark of life is missing amongst the dry rocks we keep.
ATI where is the kiss, you gave the dust?

After life sprang the species abound; but were Wallace & Darwin in some way confound?
Natural selection is grand and true it must be; but ... are there other secrets, yet to be told?
ATI, tell me straight! Do your thoughts infect the randomness and the toss?
Did you tailor the cloak of destiny? Are you the Master of Serendipity, one who skews fate?

ATI, there is much more I want to ask. Great is the chore, but there’s still time to implore.
Many search for answers in myths. That’s okay, but I've been through those tales.
I’ll explore in the day and wonder at night. Within everything, I see a spark of thee.
ATI … you’re alive and only God, at least to me!

Ken Koskinen, a.k.a. The Naked Psalmist, Aug. 15, 2010

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