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When I wrote "ATI, You're Here!" I was preoccupied with the notion that for various reasons none of the world's major religions work for me. Many others find meaning and purpose within one of these forms; but my path is honed more by reason and observation. 

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ATI, You're Here!
Copyright Jarmo Koskinen, 2008
I don't know if Brahma sat, while Shiva danced and Krishna pranced or what they do at wakes. Hindus pray to hundreds of gods who are never far away. They say cows are also holy but to my surprise, these gods are pestered by flies. They chew cud and speak in tongues, no one can say. I only know, ATI you’re here.

I don't know about Moses. It's said he climbed the mystery mount. God shook his finger and lightning flashed and thunder crashed as his law was written down. Why were there slaves who were sold and were forced to toil? If all are God's children, why were some stained by mixed blood and told they had to go? And why were youths who merely rebelled, brutally killed with stones? How could it have come from thy? As even say I, There is a finer way! I only know, ATI you're here.

I don't know about Buddha. While he sat under a tree he found some fine keys. His smile is wide and his belly is broad and some say he must be god. He reincarnates but more than one and only as males, you see. But the enchanted land got scarred, when some were barred. People had squealed, “There are too many Buddhas around here. How can we tell whose real?" I only know, ATI you’re here.
I don't know about Jesus. Where does his dead body dwell? After the Temple fell, why didn't he land on Jerusalem's olive hill? They looked for the signs on earth, sea and sky, for angels and the trumpet, but none were seen. It doesn't look as in the book but believers changed all that. Herod's house be hanged, the other signs are taking time ... nearly 2,000 years? Satan is blamed and their mantras the same: "Can't you tell? The time is here, the world is going to hell!" I only know, ATI you're here.

I don't know about Mohammed. While he strolled in the wild he saw a vision of things to come. After he went on his knees it started the war that united the desert tribes. The blood that flowed didn't show, as ink dried on the Koran. It wasn’t too long before his earthly cloak was rung. He took a great ride, high up in the sky and slowly faded away. The Muslims veiled their women since; so now the men can't see. I only know, ATI you're here.

Crowds delight about humans so bright; they get blinded by tall tales! The halls are filled with people and laughter as promises heal their shame. The clergy stays busy, passing hats in every room they've framed. I shouldn't be blamed if I'm not the same and only know, ATI you're here!
Ken Koskinen a.k.a. “The Naked Psalmist”
November 12, 2008
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