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When I wrote "Does Everything Change?" I was amazed by the notion that every known thing changes. Things breakdown, decay and/or interact with other things to form new compounds, etc. As I wondered whether there was anything that doesn't change; finally a new picture emerged.

Since ATI is the totality then there isn't anything that can enter into it since there isn't anything outside of it. All changes must ocurr within ATI but the everything cannot change. It also means that ATI must be eternal or infinite. It's cool to think about it!

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Does Everything Change?
Copyright Jarmo Koskinen, 2008

Is there anything that doesn’t change? All I know is in flux. The winds blow, the dust churns; clouds drift and fade as hail, sleet, rain & snow. The seasons are shown by the changes made. Spring brings renewed life. In summer it flourishes, fall brings the harvest and winter is dormant. Everything changes. 

The moon yearly inches away, as earth’s continents slowly drift. Mountains are raised as valleys fill; it’s the shaking world that causes the thrill. Asteroids, meteoroids and comets flash by. We have found the print of one that gave the dinosaurs their last kiss. We hope the next ones miss. Everything changes. 

Nebula float in the coldness of space and some hatch stars; but over time these fizz, some after a bright nova light. Dark matter, whatever you are? You glue together galaxies. It’s all for naught, since galaxies crash and are torn apart. Dark energy you make the universe expand at an increasing pace, but why the flurry? Where are you going in such a hurry? Everything changes. 

My cells aren’t still. Daily some die as new ones get in line. Still, I don’t look the same. My skin wrinkles, some of my hair’s gone, and what’s left turns gray. My shoulders curve … as my body slowly shrinks. My face has new spots, knees hurt and my vision is blurred. Why the bother, why the pain? Nothing remains the same! 

I knew romance and thought it was love. How is it that she’s gone? I have friends and family but some have passed on. I know that someday, I’ll make the move. What then? … No one is sure! Will I live in some other way? I used to go to church but I saw through the game. The words are plenty but they don’t say the same. Everything changes. 

All That Is whoever you are, what’s up with the merry-go-round? Do you have a place where love remains; a place where fools like me can rest from the plight? I’ve heard of a land called Forevermore. It said to be at the edge of night. An angelic voice softly speaks, “Just listen to the light! Stay calm you won’t hear anymore … the beatific silence is bright. The swirls within ATI* created curls like you and me; but its fullness doesn’t change!” 

*ATI means “All That Is”

Ken Koskinen, a.k.a. "The Naked Psalmist"
November 24, 2008