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As I layed in bed on the evening of August 23rd, 2011 I pondered on the meaning of nothing. I entered into a poetic mode and thoughts began to flow rapidly in my mind. I fell asleep but in the morning I began to write "On Nothing." I hope you like it.

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On Nothing
Copyright 2011 Jarmo Koskinen

As I woke up in the morn, I wondered where I’d been. What is nothing? I am; and glad to be! But where was I, before I was born? “I abhor the idea of non-being,” I thought as I felt a spike of fear. Was I at peace with nothing and then was shorn? How can this be? How can something like me come from a void? This is stranger than anything I have ever seen!

It is said the big bang emerged from completely nothing; but I’m not sold. At its core sits the cosmic singularity that packs infinite energy into zero space. But it is merely a relativistic equation, written with a pen. Blow a quantum breath on it, and it will fly like confetti in the wind. Is the universe really "ex nihilo," as we are told? I wish for a fix. The universe may be weird, but this paradox simply cannot be.

It makes me crazy when I think of the emptiness that some want to embrace. This brood wants to unite, but there isn’t any joy along the way. Why sit on a cushion and un-think about zip? Why is reason the enemy? And what makes nil so great? If people reincarnate as they say; how can nada remake souls? What makes a cat meow and a dog bark, if zilch can’t even smile?

ATI* is everything and we live within its shadow, amongst the things we see. We are here because of a host of changes in some long past scene. But as ATI winks, there we shall also be! ATI is existence and it gave us our lives, many marvels and our most vivid dreams. When I sleep, I see and while awake, I dream! No-thing is a phantom; it can’t consume you and me.

The Naked Psalmist, Ken Koskinen
August 25, 2011
* ATI means "All that is"

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