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There are several astrological or birth sign systems in the world. I invented Ten Sign Astrology for entertainment purposes and this is why I’ve included it in the “Comedy Section.” Each of the ten “birth signs” is named after a common occupation. The idea is that those who share a birth sign might have some similar personality traits that are typified by the characteristics of the sign. Have fun!

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 Find your birthday within one of the ten ranges. If yours is the date on the border of two signs read both.

 March 11 to April 16: THE ACTOR: Actors are good at playing many roles. They can conceal their true feelings and show a different face to the world. They usually get along with most people. Actors like compliments and being appreciated. They like to try new thing and being where the action is. They start many new things (e.g. programs, courses, jobs) only to quit before the finish line. Actors need to feel wanted by others, if not they exit the scene. Key words: “Play the role.”

April 16 to May 23: THE BUILDER: Builders are a determined group of people who often work steadily towards their goals. They are among the most stubborn people. Music is their natural medicine as it helps them relax. Sometimes they fall into ruts and only make a minimal effort. Many Builders squirrel things away, just in case they’re needed someday. They need to feel grounded, safe and secure. If not, they feel frustrated. Key words: “Just stick to it."

May 23 to June 30: THE POET: Poets are a high-energy group of people who can have difficulty relaxing. They crave new information and often keep up with things via television, books, courses etc. They can be moody and at times need to shut out the world and be alone. They like to find quicker and more efficient ways of doing things. They are often bored and need to be stimulated.  Key words: “What’s new?” 

June 30 to August 7: THE PARENT: Parents are a feelings oriented group of people who can, at times, be bossy. They are directive people and often counsel others. They love family and enjoy social occasions. They often try to make others feel at ease. They need to freely express their opinions and feelings. They want to be accepted by others or they feel rejected. Key words: “Do you want a hug?”

August 7 to Sept. 13: THE POLITICIAN: Politicians are among the most outwardly strong people. They tend to be dominant and will often stick up for weaker people. They are good systems people who can quickly figure out who and what is important in new situations. Politicians can influence and even manipulate others. They do not like to admit they are wrong, especially in the heat of an argument. They have a strong sense of pride regarding their appearance and the work they do. If they fail to do their best they regret it. Key words: “Follow me.”

Sept. 13 to Oct. 19: THE JUDGE: Judges like things to be in harmony. They seek for balance, peace and justice. They have a good eye for detail and can be picky and very critical. They like to do things with others. Judges can have difficulty in making important decisions. Many Judges hold in their feelings but can sometimes let them out in a big blast. They like fair play and justice for everyone. If not they feel unsettled. Key words: “Justice is for everyone.”

Oct. 19 to Nov. 24: THE GAMBLER: Gamblers are natural risk takers. If they are going to do something they usually go all the way.  Sometimes it is hard for them to take a balanced approach to doing things. It is all or nothing. Many Gamblers are secretive as they only tell people what they want them to know. They can be very stubborn and sometimes sarcastic. They need a feeling of passion when doing things. If not, they do not feel like putting out their best effort. Key words: “Just do it.”

Nov. 24 to Dec. 29: THE TEACHER: Teachers are usually friendly and talkative. They enjoy the limelight and like to explain things to others. Teachers are often tense and/or on the move. Outdoor activities and exercise are good ways for them to relieve tension. Teachers can sometimes slightly exaggerate the importance of some details or facts. Many are given to overspending. They need a feeling of self-worth or they can be given to short periods of depression. Key words: “Let me show you.”

Dec. 29 to Feb. 3: THE ENTREPRENEUR: Entrepreneurs are very helpful people. They are often serving or being concerned about other people. If you double cross an Entrepreneur they can cut you out of their lives. Entrepreneurs are survivors who can come through almost anything. They value family and can be protective. They tend to be reserved until they feel comfortable with others. Entrepreneurs need to have a feeling of being needed or else they withdraw. Key words: “You need help.”

Feb. 3 to March 11: THE MAGICIAN: Magicians are very imaginative. They often daydream and are lost in thought. They are usually open-minded and like new things. They operate best when they do challenging or creative work. They tend to remain aloof until they feel comfortable with others. Magicians need to feel inspired or they are either not very interested or feel disconnected. Key words: “You have to have an open mind.”

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