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Well, Ken the Wildman is up to his tricks again. This time he wrote a creation myth. He says the world is chock full of creation stories and he simply wanted to put his pen to paper.

I don't know ... this one sounds pretty wild. But that's what wildmen do ... I guess.

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Copyright Jarmo Koskinen, 2002

A long time ago in a far off place, called Forevermore, there lived a magical doll. Even though the doll was the only one in the land the doll lived peacefully in total unity. The doll was very similar to dolls in our world since it had two legs, a torso, two arms, a neck and a head. It had two eyes, a nose and a mouth. It was unlike common dolls in that it was both female and male and yet it was neither so the doll named her-his self  ‘She-He’ or simply ‘she.’ Okay it could have just as easily have been 'he' but ladies go first even in Forevermore. In any case, anything she imagined happened and so She-He never needed anything.

One time, but still a long time ago, She-He got bored of her-his imaginary adventures. Since she created them she always knew how they ended. It did not matter how real it seemed since She-He knew it was all made of nothing. She-He even imagined another She-He doll into existence and enjoyed the doll’s company but She-He still knew it was really nothing. She-He wanted to have the company of real dolls who were made of something.

Not so long later She-He made a strong potion that was partly medicine and partly poison. When she drank it, for the first time She-He became distressed. The potion caused a struggle to occur within her-his belly and She-He’s unity became a duality. When the struggle continued her-his duality became a multiplicity and from the multiplicity came forth things.

In She-He’s belly lived numerous tiny people. Each person was like She-He except some were females and others were males. Some of the females were a little more like most of the males and some of the males were a little more like most of the females. Some were unlike most of the males and females but each person was an individual, a little bit different from everyone else. As they interacted they reproduced and soon there were millions of belly people. Some people were white, some black, some red, some yellow and some were shades in between. Most people wanted to live in groups of color and formed tribes but a minority didn’t.

Now all of the people had some of the strong potion within them that She-He had drunk. Some had more medicine than poison and others had more poison but everyone felt the struggle between the medicine and the poison. Those who had more medicine tried to help those who had more poison but it didn’t always work. When the poison spoke and people listened it made them selfish and mean. It made them steal things and fight. During these times some of the tribal people didn’t like those from other tribes and their hatred caused major conflicts. When the medicine spoke and people listened it helped them to be loving, caring and giving. It made them want to live in harmony, share with and help others. So when the medicine was strong there was peace but when the poison took over there was war within She-He’s belly.

None of the people knew where they really were. They didn’t know where they came from or why they were here. Most of all, they didn’t know why they were having so many problems. One time an adventurous male, named Prove-it, found a tunnel that led up and out of the belly. When he climbed up to the top he was inside She-He’s mouth. When she opened her-his mouth the adventurous one could see the light of day but then he heard a loud voice say: 

“Stop, for you are not ready to leave my mouth and to see my face,” said She-He.
 “We live in your belly but why are we having so much trouble?” asked Prove-it.
"I made a potion with medicine and poison and drank it. It gave you life but it causes you to struggle,” said She-He.
“But why did you have to put poison into the potion,” asked Prove-it?

“It is so that you could be,” answered She-He.
 “Couldn’t I have been born without poison?” asked Prove-it.
 “I AM,” said She-He.
“What do you mean?” asked Prove-it.
 “I am UNITY and in unity there is only NOTHING.
 “How could there be nothing? I mean isn’t unity something?” challenged Prove-it.
 “When everything is UNITY, you can not tell one thing from another. It is as if there is no such thing as a THING. It is the same as NOTHING,” replied She-He.
“Hmm, I guess that has to be true,” said the adventurous one reluctantly. “But, but ... poison!” said Prove-it in a questioning tone and sounding perplexed.
 “The potion I drank had to contain medicine and poison because I wanted to create DUALITY,” answered She-He.
“But why is duality so important?” asked Prove-it.
 “You have to have DUALITY so SOMETHING can exist,” was She-He’s answer.
 “Why is that so?” asked Prove-it.
“Without duality you can not tell one thing from another. But with it you can, and so DUALITY gives birth to SOMETHING,” answered She-He.
 “But the poison causes evil,” objected Prove-it.
 “Yes, but without EVIL there couldn’t be GOOD,” replied She-He.
 “Why couldn’t I exist without evil?” asked the adventurous one.
 “You couldn’t tell hot if there weren’t cold. You couldn’t tell it was dry if there weren’t wet. You couldn’t taste sweet without a bitter. You couldn’t be glad if there weren’t sad. You couldn’t be male if there weren’t female. You can’t have PARTIAL DUALITY. If duality exists there has to be good and evil. If it weren't so you wouldn’t be,” answered She-He.
“Well, I’m glad I'm here ... but when the poison speaks the evil is so strong,” complained Prove-it.

 “Then it is time to listen to the medicine,” answered She-He.
“I know, and we try ... but still we fail,” complained Prove-it.
 “I will always give more medicine to anyone who asks,” replied She-He.
“Do you mean you will drink more of the potion?” asked Prove-it.
 “No, my Spirit will always deliver the medicine you need, in a thought,” promised She-He.
“How can you do that?” asked Prove-it.
“Thoughts are things, just as you are,” answered She-He.
“I don’t know what you mean; am I a thought?" asked Prove-it?
“You will understand when you’re ready,” said She-He. “It’s time for you to go back.”
“Will I see you again?” asked Prove-it.
“That’s up to you,” answered She-He.

With that Prove-it climbed back down into the belly and he couldn’t wait to tell others about his adventure and everything that She-He had said. Others tried to find the opening out of the belly but it was too dark and they always got lost. When no one could find the opening most people didn’t believe Prove-it. However, those who asked for more medicine always got it, just as She-He had promised. But since it was invisible others said Prove-it had fooled them. She-He was just something he made up and there wasn’t any real medicine. Life in the belly continued as before only those who asked for medicine seemed to be happier. It was as if they knew something.

One day, in the not too distant future, Prove-it and those who followed the medicine were suddenly spewed out of She-He’s belly and into the land of Forevermore. Now they are with She-He and send medicine in thoughts to those in the darkness who want to see! 

Ken the Wildman
March 6, 2009

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