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I wrote the first version of "The Unemployment Line" in the early 1990's. After I developed this website I yearned to publish it. I recently rewrote the lyrics & I hope you enjoy reading them. I still plan to sing it when I put a video link to the site.

Please note the religious allusion i.e. "the devil took my time ..." does not reflect my personal belief. Also the political allusion i.e. "we have to be like Japanese ..." also isn't a personal conviction. These kinds of  ideas may well enter into the minds of some people who are unfortunately unemployed. 

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The Unemployment Line
Copyright 2010 Jarmo Koskinen

Everything was fine. I was working everyday
But then I got a-a-a, a pink slip in my pay
I walk the streets alone, my shoes are wearing down
All I hear is no-oo, in ahh this ole town!

I’ve never been this poor & my children cry for more
My wife gets on my back, I’ve lost all my tact
I used to feel sane, but now it's a shame
I can't afford the booze, I use to kill the pain

Chorus (see bottom of the document)

The bank owns our home & now it’s for-gon
I'm down on my luck, they repossessed my truck
I’m a man on the road, looking for the light
I’ve got to find the dole, but I don’t want this role

Anger makes you burn & it can take you on a turn
When hunger starts to grow, my thoughts begin to churn
I’m still in my prime & I’ve never turned to crime
but I can feel the yearn, that I fight to keep my mind!


I used to have dignity ... but now it's misery
My idle thoughts count, the falling grains of time
The bottom can't fall, so throw me a rope
When I make it to the ledge, I'll look for some hope

This country is still great. I just need a break,
If I get a call, I won't hesitate
Mr. President, please …
we’ve got to be like Japanese
Protect our borders from the cold, … so we can warm our … souls!



The unemployment line, the unemployment line
The devil took my time & broke up the rhyme
The unemployment line!
(last chorus add)
Damn! ... the unemployment line ...!