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I wrote "When I Woke Up" to illustrate how the hassles & concerns of daily life can dominant our attention. Yet at all times, the main reality plays in the background. We exist within ATI & our human lives pass like the grains of sand in an hour glass. The day arrives when  the last grain drops. What we do while we're here is more important than the simple & passive act of believing.

We are all entitled to believe things but beliefs by nature aren't proven. If you could objectively prove it then you would simply know. However, a belief can in hind-sight turn out to have been correct. Until proven there isn't anyway you can know it since there are many different ways to fill in the blanks of missing information. However a belief can give one a "feeling of knowing" but this isn't the same as knowing after something has been verified.

"Actions speak louder than beliefs." What we do in the world affects others and therefore actions are more important than beliefs alone.

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When I Woke Up
A Psalm About Sleep & Much More!
Copyright Jarmo Koskinen, 2008

Darkness had won, life left me! I was no more. Yet, light pierced the peace as an arrow through a door. I was in a most uncertain fog; just as the morning dawn floods the night my flame slowly turned to light. Something in me thinks, "Who am I? Where am I? Was that a bird that flew by?"

It's only then I realized I love darkness as much as light. How great was that unconscious fight? I didn't fear; it was so peaceful, so at one, no need, no worry, no tear! Yet wakefulness has brought me back to the lie. I must rush to follow yesterday's list of more! Run quickly out the door; punch the card, go to the machines, hear the bosses and chore!

Life is so demanding; it's not all mine. Yet sleep pulls down the blind so I don't hear the clock ticking time. Sometimes when I'm tired I think: "Death may be dear; it will stop the rush."  But later, after a sleep's rest delays the chime I feel refreshed. Then I think, "The colder slumber might end the fuss, but I'd much rather stay & cuss! Things can still change if I get into a race. It works for those who keep the pace!"

Then I woke up, but not from sleep. I realized to strive is right but there's a finish line. Some rely on Moses, Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed but it doesn't matter what we think they said. Their words are gone and have joined the dead. What we read, as good as it is, was written by others who changed the rhymes and invented times. You might think this leaves us in the cold but we're not alone. We live in an “everything” called ATI*. It is one thing you don't have to believe; just open your eyes and see.

Mistakes are part of life but good deeds have a longer reach; they can make up for many a miss. It's not about where you come from or whether you're rich. That's all left at death's door but spirit comes in different hues. A hypocritical life and words without works darkens the color of your parting flame. Don't be deceived. What you do is more important than what you believe!

 *ATI means "All That Is"

Ken Koskinen, a.k.a. "The Naked Psalmist!"
Nov. 7, 2008

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