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In my world, winter has just left us and spring is in the air. I often think about the season that is behind and also about the new one that's arrived. It often puts me into a poetic mood. When you read "Winter is Gone" don't think that you shouldn't have a favored season. However there is still beauty in each one.  That is if you want to see and feel it.  

Winter Road

End of Winter

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Winter is Gone
Copyright 2011 Jarmo Koskinen

Every year it’s pretty much the same, as far as what many people say. They hate the snow … it’s so cold … there’s slush and ice on the road. When is spring going to come?

I love the winter’s whiteness; the land is blessed with a heavenly coat. The snowflakes fall, like angel dust from above. Look out the frosted windows. Sure there may be snow to shovel and stuck cars to push. But it’s not that cold … put on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves & boots … dress to meet the way. Go out and see the beauty of the day.

Watch the children play; they make snow people; throw snowballs, laugh and chase. They ride their sleighs & cardboard down the hill. They love the thrill. They skate on ice rinks, play hockey and make figures in the white crystals on the ground. People slide with polished skis & snowboards strapped to their boots and ride chairlifts that take them high. You can only do such things for a few frosty months of the year.

The air is so crisp; the Moon is bright on a cold, cloudless winter’s night. The tree limbs are covered and the light is reflected everywhere. It's quiet; everyone is hiding inside … huddled around the TV’s light. You are alone, watching the scene, framed by the landscape & the serene.

When it’s over, it seems to have been a flash. When you’re having fun feeling time, it’s a blur. Now it’s a memory, of another winter that wasn’t. It wasn’t so cold, it wasn’t all a mess. It was a blessed time when the season’s unique colors painted the canvas. For a while I missed winter’s art …

… but then my spirit changed to the anticipation of the delightful spring, when nature awakens and plants & animals begin their rise! New life is fresh, vibrant & bold ... as it claws to take hold!

Our lives are but a passing season. Watch the marvels; see the spark within others. You and I live within ATI.* It’s here, it’s there; it’s everywhere! ... It’s amazing!

The Naked Psalmist, a.k.a. Ken Koskinen
April 2, 2011
* ATI means "all that is."

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